On the Move

Usually it is just our livestock that is on the move, from one spot to another.  Well and the farmers on the move all day from field to field, task to task.


But this week, a bit more of the farm will be on the move as we pack up farm fresh treats and head to the 5th annual Boston Local Food Festival.  


Now most Vermonters might not consider our food local for a Boston audience, but being the big city, they are celebrating all that New England grows.  And given that our farm is both producing quality, organically managed food  and offering farmstays and farm experiences, we are bringing what we can to Boston to meet folks and introduce them to our farm.  Hoping that some will come TO the farm in the future.


While we can pack them up heirloom tomatoes and our Localvore Bloody Mary Mix, we can’t take the goats for Lattes on the Hoof, nor the new piglets for folks to gaze at, nor the full range of fresh veggies coming in from the field.  And we can’t bring the full package of seeing great food growing in our beautiful spot in Vermont.


For those of you local, the harvest is abundant even as the temps dip a bit so keep enjoying the summer produce bounty.


AND  let your friends and family in Boston know about the local food festival, this Sunday Sept 14th 11-5 at the Rose Kennedy Greenway in downtown Boston.


They can find Mari & I along with Rose Wall (transplanted Vermont farmer) serving up fresh Heirloom Bloody Mary’s (non-alcoholic) and with a bunch of our other farm fresh treats!

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