Frost & Frenzy

That is how the past week has felt around here….frosty and frenzied and they are not unrelated.  Between being the host site for some great on-farm events, including a favorite farm share member’s 60th birthday party and Vermont Sustainable Jobs Fund’s retreat, we packed a slice of the farm off to the Boston Local Food Festival where we met LOADS of new folks and were treated to the company of some stalwart farm friends and fans to anchor us.

crowds at the Boston Local Food Festival

family fans at the Boston local food fest

Boston Family out to support the Farm!

Some Vermont Farmers depart our Green Mountains every weekend to bring our rural bounty to markets in the city but for us it is just once-in-a-while, as opportunities arise reach out in person to folks who might be interested in visiting our farm for a tour, cheese or sausage-making class, farmstay or the Floating Bridge Food and Farms Cooperative’s farm-to-table package.  And did we meet people, and treat them to our Heirloom Bloody Mary Mix, which was quite a hit!

That was of course the same day as our first frost!   Thank goodness for our robust team that can manage to show off the farm for thousands in Boston AND keep our tender veggies and livestock protected from some frosty nights.  We couldn’t have done it without our fabulous team here on the farm and the Boston support team of Rose, Maureen & Lori that gave up their Sunday to be crazy marketeers and drink makers with us!

Now on to harvesting shallots, potatoes and protecting the tender veggies from tonight’s hard frost…and getting ready for some guests to enjoy the beginning of foliage season based out of the barn! Whew!

 Some other views from the Boston Local Food Festival

heirloom Marys calm before the storm bostondisplayMaureen and friends of the farm heirloom marys by the glasss