Fall Colors on the Farm

fall foliage on the farm













In nearly every season (ok perhaps not mud season), we can delight in the vibrancy of colors around the farm, but fall is special.

The greens, yellows, oranges and reds of the fall foliage highlight those same colors in our fields.




cabbage and foliagefall tomatoes fall chard fall peppers







Oh how that color pallet delights especially against the crisp blue sky or even the dark grey stormy clouds.  The vibrancy of the trees reminds us to pause, look up and around and feast in the colors all around us.   Which is an important reminder in these frenzied harvest days hauling in tons of produce and seeking the best remaining pasture grasses and leaves for our livestock before they succumb to the cold, short days.


Ingrid in fallpigs and foliage








May you all enjoy the colors coming from Vermont’s beautiful woods and farms!