Head over Heels

Last Sunday morning started on some grim notes. Weasel struck again and we found ourselves composting headless chickens. Current score = weasel(s) 30, farmers nil. pig belly rubsBut moments later one of the young pigs plopped into the water bin trying to cool off. The bin was on a sloping landscape and with its squirming to maintain its cool, wet spot, bin and small pig went rolling down the hill, head over hooves.  We could only giggle with pleasure,  centering ourselves in the joy of  our pasture-raised livestock.


A pig in confinement wouldn’t risk such humiliation and confinement chickens might not (but might!) meet a weasel.  But this pig’s rough and tumble moment was just part of its day of digging, exploring and basking in what our hill pastures offer.


Wednesday night, farmers, community and even the sows got to experience beautiful music, a piece entitled Pig Dreams, composed by Susan Botti, about the life of Sylvia the Pig thanks to Scrag Mountain Musicsummer farm dinner.   Concert goers were treated to Susan attending the concert and Ramona, Amelia & Jemima, our sows, were lucky enough to have her sing them to sleep at intermission.   Susan only sang them the lullabies from the piece, not the movements about pigs sledding!  I think our sows might have some new needs, wants and dreams inspired by the music.

Scrag concert summer barn

We are head over heels in love with the possibilities that local food, art and farms bring to our community.  May we all continue to experience some lovely pig and farm dreams.