It is said that Uncle Halvdan understood the language of crows and thus knew when a fox threatened the hen house. This is the type of deeply embedded complex knowledge

Red wing Blackbird chicks nesting on the pond edge

Red wing Blackbird chicks nesting on the pond edge

we as mid career transplants to farming lack.

Still, hosting cousins from Norway and dear friends from Chicago this week has plugged us into appreciating anew our farm and the life that abounds here, slowing down to see some of the details.


The killdeer doing its broken wing dance, attracting our attention away from its nest. The baby redwing blackbirds fledging their nest, the visit from the hooded merganser duck, the Spring Peeper, peeping.


Enjoying friends and family is a summer treat. Enjoying our farm with some of the people who inspired us to seek this life is even more special!

Our thanks to Olav Smestad for the great photos of the farm.

norwegian visit

Kildeer's broken wing display

Kildeer’s broken wing display¬†

Elusive Spring Peeper, peeping

Elusive Spring Peeper, peeping