How to Clean Your Milk Jar

One of the great things about shopping at the farm is you can RETURN your jars for REUSE!  Our Goat Milk

Jars, lids, plastic containers, egg cartons, etc. are reused by the farm and we will sanitize them before we put your next batch of milk, pickles, soup, etc in them, but please do return them CLEAN.

Tips for easily getting clean milk jars

  1. For milk jars in particular, rinse jars with tepid water to remove all visible milk. (Note hot or cold water can adhere milk proteins to the glass.)
  2. Use a brush and a tablespoon or splash of vinegar to clear any residual milk on the inside, lid threads or outside of the jar.
  3. Next, wash the jar(s) and lid(s) with hot soapy water and rinse thoroughly and drain on a rack to dry or wash in a dishwasher. Ensure the jars and lids are dry before replacing the lids.
  4. Return them to the farm and we will Sanitize them and REFILL them with Farm goodness!

Much appreciation.  We don’t currently budget time for scrubbing dirty jars before sanitizing into our prices and no one really wants that, so thanks for your attention to your jars!

– the farmers