View from a Visitor’s Eyes

It is always interesting to see something through someone else’s perspective.  The past several days we have gotten to see the farm through a visitor’s eyes — a visitor on her 4th trip to the farm, though the first with snow on the ground.

Enjoy some of Abby’s photos and comments about the farm.

“3-4 feet of snow out there…brrr!” 

3-4 feet of snow

The volume of snow definitely made an impression, along with the temps.  Of course, we told the Californian that she is lucky to be enjoying the above zero temps!

“Oooooh. Baby goats!”

baby goats

A super popular piece of the visit.  I believe her goal was to get a picture with every goat kid..not sure it was achieved.

“Kid Chaos. Good DJ name. Funny afternoon.”


“Egg washing duty.”


“Giant egg. Almost a 1/4 pounder. Yeouch.”


“Mixed precipitation = slush and snow and cold. Doesn’t matter ‘cuz we have baby goats.”



“Getting the hoop house planted with the first round of veggies.”


“Babar. The new buck on the farm. Has proven himself good with the ladies.”


“When the chickens lay a lot of eggs (think 60 a day) we make French Macarons and Farmer’s Fritatta.”


“Sure.. We can make it up the hill. Er… Mud season has started.”


“Kids and chickens warming in the morning sun.”

“Heading home through the snow after evening goat chores.”


“Goat kisses from Nimbus.”


Getting ready to say goodbye.” images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQXiSr4QSdCv0m7SYh4xQNq6BnRP4lbl65e5ETWvti56ZnR-h4ggA


Thanks Abby for a photo and comment view of your stay on the farm!