Community Support!

Saturday’s forecast seemed perfect to operate on the hoophouse. The ridge vent has had some chronic leaking problems, due to being pulled out of alignment by the fan-fed air bubble. Team Rimol had advised we add stabilizers to each bow instead of the normally directed every other. Mike and Andrew spied the break in the weather and ambitiously launched the project first thing. Soon after noon the call of duress came from Mike. Andrew clung onto the plastic for dear life! (his and the hoophouse’s)  Within minutes the Farley clan, Penelope and Laura were on the scene, and they fought the billowing sails of plastic until periods of calm enabled them to tack it back in, patching the significant rips. If any of you had prickly hair on the back of your neck it means that Mari’s cell phone was poised to call you if the nearest names on the list didn’t pick up! We really appreciate how many folks stand ready to help us in times of need. Thanks.

Andrew & Mike at the peak

Mark and Magen holding down the plastic










NOFA-VT is prepping to celebrate Community Supported Agriculture (CSAs) statewide the first weekend in May. If you have been thinking of   bringing friends interested inthe farmshares or shopping at the farmstand to the farm this will be a great day to do so.  The open farm event will go from 1-4pm.


Meanwhile, back at the farmstand, we remain not only stocked up with hams but we’ve stocked the freezer with turkey breasts, pork roasts and leg of goat roasts as well. And with so many seasonal dishes and rituals built around eggs, we remind all to get creative and celebrate the enormous versatility of the egg while we are flush with them in this season.


This Houston Chronicle article  celebrates the many seasonal possibilities and  is just one of the many in the media covering the launch of Michael Ruhlman’s new Egg: A Culinary Exploration of the World’s Most Versatile Ingredient.  His very fun flowchart showing the full continuum of the egg has been made available via Bon Appetit’s site!

No matter what you are celebrating we hope this geeky depiction of the full range of possibilities inspires you to enjoy farm fresh eggs!