2013: A Big Year on a Small Farm

Now that winter has come in earnest we have had some time to look back at the year. There were a lot of surprises, both good and bad, some bumper crops and some crop failures. We met a lot of new teammates and customers and said goodbye to others. 365 sunrises, 365 sunsets later we have one heck of a story and one way to tell the story of 2013 is in numbers. 

Check it out here and be sure to go fullscreen for best viewing!

Or read the transcript below:

In 2013 our hens laid more than 10,000 eggs. That’s enough eggs to cover a tennis court, sunny-side up, and still have some left over for breakfast. In fact, since the farm started selling eggs, the hens have produced enough eggs to cover the entire infield of a baseball field with sunn-side up eggs.

In 2013 our goats produced more than 750 gallons of milk. With that much milk you could fill 30 bathtubs with Honey Sage Gelato.

In 2013 we produced 2,000 pounds of chicken. That’s enough chicken (between roasting, soups, salad, and casseroles) to throw a dinner party for everyone in Northfield, Williamstown, and Brookfield at once.

In 2013 we grew more than 10,000 pounds of produce, including more than 2000 pounds of root vegetables, enough to completely fill the back of a Subaru Forester with mashed potatoes, more than 1000 pounds of leafy greens, enough to fill four whole refrigerators with salad. We also produced 628 pounds of peppers, including enough hot peppers to make 24 gallons (380 jars) of hot sauce, which we did. And we produced, 3344 pounds of tomatoes. That’s more than most cars weigh, half the weight of a 30-foot racing sailboat, and 50 times the weight of farm-dog Uno.

In 2013 we put up 800 jars of pickles, 300 jars of salsa, and 400 quarts of tomatoes as sauce, puree, paste, juice, and bloody mary mix. (Thanks for returning all those jars this year. Keep bringing them back and we’ll keep filling them up!)

Over the course of 2013, 14 farmers worked hard on-and-off to make what we do possible – from itinerant picklers to skid steer masters, it takes all sorts. We couldn’t have done it without our fabulous team.

Here’s to bounty and blessing in the coming year. We look forward to sharing it with you!