May = Busy, Busy, Busy

Holy Sunshine!

Wow, we feel like we have been transported to mid-summer with these sunny, warm (even hot!) days.  No real complaints, as it has allowed us to forge full steam ahead on season transition. But now we are looking forward to some rain and clouds.

Wondering what our small team has been up to this past week?

  • Compost spread on all crop fields
  • All 8 Crop fields prepped
  • Cover crops spread (now waiting for some rain to sprout)
  • Hoophouse emptied of animals, winter fencing and the winter’s bedded pack
  • Mountain of future compost created
  • Taught goat kids about electric fence
  • Hens, goats (except milkers) and Chicoroa out to restoration pasture zone (waiting for a bit more grass growth)
  • Potato trenches dug and potatoes planted ( progress as I type)
  • Greens Hoophouse weeded
  • Meeting with Center for Sustainable Ag staff on produce safety
  • Significant progress on our application for Organic Certification
  • Farm Tour & Lattes on the Hoof with a great couple from Boston

…and thanks to our friends (including Tessa!), expanded parking area achieved with a new rock retaining wall, a new well pump and septic upgrade seemingly just in time before they conked out on us – they did put in a good 25 years.


Ok, now to get a few other things seeded and spread before we get some rain!