Support All the Way Round

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) has become a more common phrase  – the idea that by making a commitment to a farm for a season or year community members are sharing the risk and supporting local agriculture.  It seems that ASC, Agriculture Supporting Communities, also happens.

At last week’s Taco Night and Scrag Mountain Music concert, several people expressed their role in the evening, saying, “Thank you for being here” and  “Thank you for opening your farm up for these magical events.”   Other times, we receive appreciation from members and other groups for not only the food we grow, but being able to engage with the farm.  “My farm…”, people say. 

Photo by Rob Spring









Our response is similar. Friday, I noted that we couldn’t offer the food or the music without people attending, participating and supporting the event.  In fact, without people supporting the farm overall.

We deeply appreciate all who shop from the farm, be it for food, events, farm experiences or overnight stays.  Without all of you, this week we wouldn’t be harvesting spinach, planting seed trays and getting ready for the goats to kid.  A special thanks to all of our farm share members (omnivores & farmstand).  Thank you for leading the way, and making a sizable financial, time and emotional commitment to our farm.  You are a key piece of the community supporting this agriculture.

Little is easy in our world, not farming, not cooking dinner from scratch, not running a small business nor making household budgets work. But together, we can create a connected community we are all proud to call home that provides quality food, jobs, culture, activities, and neighbors.