Getting Inspired to Cook

This week we had the joy of hosting Lee Duberman as she launched her winter cooking classes, this year being held in our  new farmhouse.

Lee coaching on rolling the pasta and the butternut squash filling

WOW!  It was such a treat for the senses to watch her lead folks through making filled pasta from scratch then moving on to gnocchi and wild mushroom risotto.  It reminded me of what I love about our work and this place.  The laughter, encouragement, and compliments warmed the room and the people.  And Lee demystified homemade pasta, showing how achievable it is.

Lee demonstrating how to finish agnolotti

Growing and raising healthy, delicious food has so many rewards.  Just holding the raw ingredients is satisfying, but watching people take those raw ingredients and transform them into delicious meals to nourish themselves and others is even more of a treat — especially when they are enjoying themselves along the way.

Thanks to Lee and the cooking class participants for breaking in the new kitchen.  Lee is hosting five more classes on Sundays this winter, all in the new farmhouse.  One of the best treats, you get to sit down and enjoy the creations together. Consider treating yourself, I am certain you won’t be disappointed.


Jan 27:Classic and Creative Spanish Tapas

Feb 10: A Valentines Feast

Feb 24: Northern Italy: Venice to Milan

March 3: Thai Curries, Noodles and Salads

March 17: Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate


More details on the Floating Bridge Website or Ariel’s Website.   

And more photos from the Pasta cooking class on our Facebook page

Feasting on Pasta, Gnocchi and Risotto