Deck the Halls with Pickles and Salsa

Okay, maybe not the halls, but the kitchen, the holiday table, the array of gifts–’tis the season for

Holiday Shop Items

celebrating wholesome nourishment of all kinds.  Consider us your source for the endearingly tasty variety!

It’s an age-old sentiment, really–in these weeks of on-coming chill, rime, and clear, white landscapes, we’re really settling in to the mirth of this honest food.  While the gardens have been put to bed, and the harvest pushes of August, September, and October are at rest in our memory, the color and nourishing ways of our stored vegetables, meat, eggs, and milk are still warming us, and bringing us together.

And it is specifically this time of year, these couple of weeks, really, that have come to iconify and traditionalize this feeling of togetherness amidst the short days and barren snow of December.  For all of history, people have been traveling through the the blizzards and cold nights on foot, horse, and station wagon to be with their loved ones at this time of year, bearing gifts and food to share, to show their love.

Betwixt and between our contemporary backdrop of whirring gadgets, dizzyingly colorful toys, and mile-long mall lines, we are made to feel grateful for your support, allowing us to maintain this small hillside in Northfield that continues to bear the sort of timeless, wholesome nourishment that people have thrived on, winter after winter, for quite some time.

Aside from the raw ingredients we always offer for cooking up those heartening feasts, we’ve also stocked the farm stand with a variety of  gift-ready items, to help bring the hopeful tonic of honest food to your loved ones (and ours!)

We really had a blast at the Floating Bridge Food and Farms’ holiday market this past weekend, sharing our goods with shoppers, and greeting friends and neighbors that we hadn’t seen in a while, having been engulfed in those hectic harvest days of fall.  Thanks to all who made it out to the market, especially those who lent their golden pipes to that really terrific round of caroling. Here, here!

To anyone who couldn’t make it out, or is still on the hunt for gifts, remember that the farmstand is open every day, any reasonable hour, for self-serve shopping.

Come check out the pickles, salsas, hot sauces, and canned tomatoes we have on offer, all done with farm ingredients by none other than our team, for any pickle-lovers, or spice-cravers on your list.  We’ve even put together some neat gift baskets (they span a wide price range!) that, aside from looking mighty good under the tree or sprinkled with chocolate gelt, ought to be a perfect hostess gift, office gift, and the like.

Of course, you can mix up a batch of your very own Barbeque Sauce for your favorite grill maven, or a few quarts of Tomato Sauce to make your Italian grandmother proud.  The farm has you covered with tomato puree, paste, onions, garlic, dried chiles, and more.

Bring some homemade beet brownies, carrot cake,  squash cornbread, or pumpkin cheesecake to your next holiday gathering, treating your friends and family to some of the farm’s sweeter potential.

Then again, you could really indulge the sugar-plum fairies of your world with Fat Toad Farm’s caramel (some jars are even in cute cloth bags for gifting!), and Brookfield Bees’ honey.

The farm stand has gift certificates available for farm stand shopping, farm experiences like tours and lattes on the hoof, cooking classes, and cheese making classes.

We also offer a really top shelf local-foods-oriented cookbook Cooking Close to Home, written by local authors and friends of the farm, Diane Imrie and Richard Jarmusz.  The recipes are dynamite, many have been tried and tested by the farm team, and we recommend it highly.  We have a copy for perusing in the farm stand if you’d like to check it out.