Tomatoes, Luscious Tomatoes

We have now started full-on tomato season.  For most people, they are the star of the summer veggies and we all have our favorites.  Last week in the Burlington Free Press, Debbie Salamon waxed on about tomatoes, really capturing our love for the fresh, delicious summer tomato in her column, Table Talk: Afternoon delight, a ripe tomato. 


This year we are growing a broader variety of tomatoes, including the favorites brandywine, yellow brandywine, San Marzano and of course sungold cherry tomatoes.  But also Black Prince, Moskovitch, Copia (stripey ones), a mess of different cherry tomatoes and more.

One question we have for you is your preference… tomatoes at their most delicious, but possibly messy or tidy even if some sweetness is sacrificed…or maybe you want it all.

What are we talking about?  Fully vine-ripened or not.

Tomatoes that fully ripen on the vine are the sweetest, most delicious tomatoes.  But, they are also more prone to split, especially the heirlooms.  If we pick tomatoes a bit underripe, they can sit on your counter and ripen over the course of the week.  They loose some of that amazing sweetness, but don’t meltdown as quickly.  Where are your priorities?

Inquiring minds (especially Liva’s) want to know.  What tomatoes do you most want to take home? So we can adjust how we harvest to fit your habits.

So help us out and take this short (2 question) survey!

In the meantime, enjoy.  As Debbie Salamon notes,

“Tantalizing, lush, dripping elixir — garden tomatoes, like summer romance, fade with the September sun.
Be quick. Love one now.”

It is true, enjoy now, with Late Blight present in the state, we just don’t know how long they will be spectacular, though we are taking wise precautions.