Spring Fever

As the days get longer and the sun a bit stronger, some of life on this farm starts to get some springfever.


I always notice it first with the hens. While they enjoy their indoor arena with last season’s pasture brought to them in the form of hay, come mid-February they seem to get a bit bored with the inside world. On these warmer days, some will cross the piglet space to venture outside or the most clever will fly over the door and investigate the area outside of the netting.


The goats have been enjoying day trips to the front pasture for a change of pace. On some of these sunny afternoons they will each be sprawled out on a bunch of hay as if they are lounging at the beach. It is a great distraction for them in these final weeks before kids start to come.



The piglets are digging, digging. Without piles of snow to plow they are seeing how far down theycan get. The Sows on the other hand seem to be just wishing for some less icy ground.




And today, when I uncovered the spinach, it seemed to shine with the brightness of new growth. Putting its best face forward towards these longer, sunnier days.


As for the farmers, probably a mixed bag of enjoying the sun and longer days but still wanting some additional snow and the peace of winter.


For all of us, some special treats are how we address it. Compost scraps [do feel free to bring veggie only scraps to the hens and piglets] and tree branches for the animals; time off and summer goodness from the freezer for the humans in the mix. And a reminder to just pause and enjoy the season at hand.