Eat Your Roots

Photo by Rose Wall

If your calendar New Year’s resolution didn’t include eating more root vegetables, perhaps your Chinese New Year resolutions can – we are only part way through the 15 day celebration of the Year of the Dragon.

Yes, it is the root veggie time of year in Vermont.¬†Fortunately, root vegetables are lovely, long lasting, various and good so many different ways. And while it seems that the roots (beets, potatoes, carrots, celeriac & turnips) will last forever, it just isn’t true. Everything does have its season and some of them are longer than others.

Even with the great care Liva and others on the team have put into their harvest, washing and storage, our roots, alliums, and squashes will only be crisp and delicious for their storage season. They are fresh, organic veggies after all.

Enjoy them now, not as last resort, but as the joyous, flexible veggies they are. And don’t worry there are other veggie treats happily stable in the freezer and in canning jars too to carry us through until we have plentiful fresh veggies again.


Ideas: 10 Ways to Enjoy Root Vegetables

Braised,¬†Grilled, Mashed, Roasted, Chips, Fries, Gratins, Hash Browns (and latkes), salads & Soups — and don’t forget Cake! Carrot or Red Velvet!