Winter Pantry is Now Open

This week we open the winter pantry. Periodically we have reported on the various items that have been canned, frozen or dried for your eating pleasure this winter. Now the time has come for you to start enjoying them. One of our farm’s missions is to encourage local eating by providing tasty, healthy and sustainably raised food. We seek to provide you all, especially our Omnivore share members, a satisfying (nearly) whole diet spectrum of food throughout the year. 

Preserving summer’s bounty is a key part of that given our snowy, northern climate. While the hoop houses will allow us to have some fresh vegetables year round, we can’t do miracles in there. Most things still have their season.  But we can (and have) captured some of summer’s vibrant flavors for winter enjoyment.

In the pantry you will find a mix of cooking staples, like whole canned tomatoes or tomato puree, for soups, pasta sauces or whatever you desire. There will also be a range in the pickled family, thanks in large part to Jaska. Some of these will be special offers from time to time.

Some of the benefits you’ll enjoy when shopping from the pantry:

  • We did all the processing for you! Especially a good deal for you Omnivore Share folks – instead of having you do it all for yourself in the summer, we took on blanching, chopping, pureeing, slicing, pickling and monitoring boiling pots of water.
  • The glass jars we use are healthier than the BPA lined cans
  • Our jars are reusable, not just recyclable. [Yes this does mean that we’d like you to return the jars & tops!]
  • There are no additives, just our tasty, organic healthy produce. So don’t miss the opportunity for the fresh veggies, but do add in pantry items as well. 

For Omnivore Share members, the pantry items are included in your weekly share. Take what you will eat this week and know the pantry will be available every week until spring or when we run out!