Pigs on the Move

Help us welcome back our biggest Green Mountain Boy! Gellert is back from his “work” at Amee Farm and today he met his piglets. Our trip over the rivers and through the woods to pick Gellert up in Pittsfield reminded us of the brutality of Irene. Looking at Gellert reminds us that he too is a force of nature!

The piglets curiosity about Gellert was amplified since their sows recently moved (as per ritual at

Gellert and the piglets

an amble coaxed by a bucket of goat milk and grain) out to rest in woodland pasture, prior to their planned reuniting with Gellert in December.  The weaning process has been smooth and the pack of piglets is ready to move down to their winter quarters in the near hoop house where little Tut (their gimpy sibling) already resides and enjoys some romping with Uno. All except one that is.  One little guy was not neutered as he will be Brotherly Farm’s new boar in Randolph.

The “market pigs,” aka the pyramids, continue to move their way through the islands of woods in the back pasture and more and more we are realizing how important and rare this life is for pigs.  Most pigs never move. Will we one day be able to measure by taste, nutrient values or both that a happy pig is better?  Who knows.  In the immediate term we can all relish these happy pigs! And thanks to a one-line mention in the Wall Street Journal Monday, this little farm with our happy pigs will hopefully help create a regenerative food system. After all Ethan & Ira and the Green Mountain Boys influenced this nation.