Enjoying Fall’s Beauty

Along with the rest of Vermont, we have been enjoying fall in all its glory this week both on our farm and others.  It has been joyous to watch the littlest pigs really start to play and explore running up and down the hill, around the rock, following our sows and starting to adventure on their own.  They are even starting to discover the joy of apples. And if anyone is cleaning up apple drops, the pigs will be happy to receive them.

The bigger pigs (ones born in April) are enjoying fall in the newest pasture areas.  Digging up moss

Pigs starting on their Mountain of Chard stems

and roots and eating up any garden gleanings we can provide.  A truck bed’s worth of chard stems and roots disappeared very quickly.  My how those pigs love chard.  And Tut, the piglet with the broken leg, is getting bigger and stronger and while he probably won’t live to a ripe, old age, it seems he will make it for awhile.


The goats have been enjoying this dry, sunny weather as well.  Gobbling up the last of the grass and leaves that we saved for them.  And of course looking picturesque against the blue skies and fall foliage.


The end of fresh tomato season is now official.  The 2nd hoophouse was cleared this week.  First by some family volunteers and then the hens did a quick stint as the 2nd string clean up of dropped, blighty tomatoes.  We sure love when the animals are full-fledged farmers as well.


We even got up to Turkey Hill Farm for the multi-farm apple cider fest.  What a treat to watch Dan pressing cider, sample the cider, cider donuts and the boiled cider syrup.  If you missed it, I suspect many of the products are still available in the farm’s Moo-tique, stop on by.


And we may have enjoyed the last pond swims of the season, but you never know…