Heart Warming…and Stopping

Take time to step into the near hoop house this week when you visit the farm.

Tomatoes are coming

We recently stood there and observed the largest tomato flowers we’d ever seen, handsomely thick stocks and gorgeously colored leaves! Amidst the pressures of implementing this season’s new weed management strategy (a few zones have the take no prisoners mandate!) Liva and Anna have stayed on top of trellising and pruning and these tomatoes are happy, growing and strong.


While this warms our hearts, they have simultaneously stopped beating a few times this last week when white spores were scouted on tomatoes in the new hoop house. Plant tissue is at the lab and we think it is another fungus but the looming threat of late blight makes farmers loose sleep!

Sungolds Ripening by Rose Wall

Another heart-stopping moment occurred when Kati found four goat kids tangled in the fence Monday morning.  We are so grateful for Kati’s quick response. They were impossibly twisted in the netting, heads and horns woven into squares designed to be small enough to contain them! Early in the season we had another such incident and Sharif and the rest of us mourned at that time the loss of adorable Omar.  This time we were lucky and with Kati’s help we cut some fence and all is again well in goatville.


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    Those yellow tomatoes look delish. I’m dying for a good tomato. It’s been too long.