Changes Afoot

Changes Afoot

Yes, the new website is FINALLY up and running.  Do check it out.  And let us know what you think!  On the new website you will be able to search all of the recipes that get put in the weekly newsletter as well, so we hope it is a great resource for our existing members and customers as well as for prospective food and tourism customers.

Free Choice Freezer

Ok, it isn’t all that radical, but we are trying a new form of free choice for your meats and other frozen goods this month.  We have stocked the upright freezer with a broad mix of the various meats that we produce.  Anything in that freezer is available to take home.  Some things we have more of than others, a few other cuts that are stored away at the freezer warehouse will make appearances.  But throughout July the freezer will be neatly stocked with 75% of the meat cuts that we raise.  Each week in the newsletter we will list what will be in the freezer.  It will remain mostly the same for the month of July, but as we go to the freezer warehouse we will replenish or add some other cuts as possible.


Omnivore Shares

You get to continue to take home the meat choices you want with the continued guidance overall to take home what you will eat this week.  The difference, you have more choice over which meat you eat which week.  However, please do keep in mind that you can’t have all of the same meats each week. All animals and all cuts do have to get eaten.  Instead of us managing that, we are going to try to see if it works for you all to manage it and get you the freedom to fill your cravings and weekly meal plans.



Customized Shares & Retail Shoppers

Much like the Omnivore Share folks, you can choose anything that is in the upright freezer.  This will expand what is easy for you to purchase each week.  If you are looking for anything in large quantities, just ask and we can let you know if we have enough in our back up stores.


We will be around at farm share each week to answer any questions and via email or phone.  We will also love your feedback about how this works for you.  How do the expanded choices each week balance with having to make more decisions.