Stormy, Stormy Weather

We are feeling very, very lucky to be high on the hill and while we have been pelted by several of the past week’s storms, we certainly haven’t seen the worst of it and feel very lucky that we haven’t seen any of the hail that keeps showing up in the weather alerts.

The animals and plants have faired well — a little wet, some lettuce beaten down a bit in

Loop Road Washout

the field by the hard rains, some nervous squeals from the piglets during Thursday night’s storm, but all in all, the living creatures are hanging in. The farmers are a bit extra tired and perhaps even more tuned in to the weather reports and happy to have crops in 2 hoop houses!  The road infrastructure didn’t fair as well.  A washout on loop road has it down to 1 lane after the first house on the road (Motyka’s) and our driveway has some new gulleys in it.