Changes Afoot

The snow pack has receded in a blink!  Pasture is reappearing. Ice is floating in a thin layer in only the center of the pond. A (the?) killdeer pair circled the farm vocalizing early Sunday morning, perhaps debating if this was the right spot! They were loud as we headed over to milk. The whole garden was still under snow – thank goodness, two years running they’ve taken valuable real estate in our squeezed garden space, as if Liva’s game of Tetris isn’t challenging enough..

Millennium Falcon

Hens in their mobile hen house

Hens checking out the "Millennium Falcon"

On the last really cold morning, with the ground well frozen Tessa helped us rescue the “Millennium Falcon”, aka the hen wagon, from the then still high snow. Carrie has been attending to its annual maintenance.  The hens will observe a 36 hour sit-in to get reprogrammed with laying in its boxes and then we will roll on out to pasture.  Later in the week the milkers will also move out and shazam! The hoop house will soon be readied for its summer charge: heat loving tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, etc.

Sphinx is Integrating

Upstairs in the barn the change is no less shocking or significant. Sphinx has done some reconnaissance trips in to meet her Mama, siblings, aunties and cousins but is still sleeping, eating and growing in the safe zone just outside.  Perhaps by week’s end she’ll be fully integrated. All the boy piglets were neutered, though the squealing is always loud they immediately resume all activities. And Gellert became host to eight goat kids so that Jenga, Grace, Marlene and Ingrid could work double shift on the milking team.. This brings us to the final change, the fridge is full of milk! Dust off the chevre recipe! Drink up.  Enjoy.